How Do Massage Chairs Differ from Regular Treatment Tables

How Do Massage Chairs Differ from Regular Treatment Tables

The difference between Chair massage and Table massage are many, so as a therapist choosing the right equipment to use in massage sessions is confusing as these equipment have their unique benefits. All in all, the end point is to relieve, relax and rejuvenate both the body and mind.

However, there are many differences between chair massage and table massage, these differences include; Firstly, massage chairs can easily move from one place to another. Thus, it is portable to carry a chair than tables which in most case is immobile. Also, the aspect of taking off of dress while lying on the table makes the two quite different. With chair massage, the clients are seated and dress on. Finally, it is easier to give massage in a chair because you are not allowed to bend over. The reverse is the case with table massage.

There are of course many benefits of chair massage over table massage; Chairs are very portable and can be easily spotted in most business establishment or malls. Tables occupy a lot of space and cannot be easily moved. Table massage requires that the therapist have to bend over so as to carry out massage. This makes it very difficult and strenuous and tiring. However, chair massage is just the direct contrast.

Despite the many benefits of chair massage over table massage, there are some peculiar benefits that makes table massage highly desirable; Due to the simple fact that clients have to remove their dress during massage sessions, gives room for the use of oils that penetrate deep into tissues and help relax the muscles. Chair massage on the other uses rollers and vibrating motors that do not penetrate deep tissue.

Furthermore, because chairs are portable, they tend to depreciate fast especially in situations of overweight clients, but tables, on the contrary, are stationary and stronger to withstand any form of overweight after repeated usages. Finally, it is much easier to disinfect a massage table due to its flat surface, than to disinfect a massage chair with so many fractures and holes.

Aluminum chairs are quite the best as far as massage chairs are concerned. They are first of all strong, lightweight and can be easily adjusted to contain clients of varied shapes and sizes. Also, you can purchase a simple office massage chairs to do the trick.

The act of massage should be geared towards what I can call “The 3 R’s”. That is relaxing, relieving and repairing damaged tissues and muscles. However, whether using either a chair or table to achieve the above mentioned benefits is best suited to you and your business.