Massage Oils & Carrier Oils

Massage Oils & Carrier Oils


When going in for a professional massage, many have become accustomed to relaxation, relief of sore muscles, and greasy massage oil that clogs the pores and has to be wiped off afterward, but still leaves a heavy and uncomfortable feeling behind.So, while the massage is often a good experience, it seems there is a trade off. You have to settle for one thing in order to get the benefit of the other.

But some are saying NOT ANYMORE! Why you may ask? Because they have developed a new technology known as carrier oils. Carrier oils come from all natural sources such as grape seeds, olive oil, vegetable oil, almonds, apricots, and avocados. They are packed full of vitamins and minerals as well as often good fatty acids and powerful antioxidants. These obviously benefit your skin, especially when massaged into the skin.

But the great thing about carrier oils is that they don’t have to be massaged in to seep deeply into the pores of the skin. Carrier oils are refined and purified so that they instantly soak deep into the pores, even within seconds, not clogging them in the least. There are some companies who use what’s called nanotechnology to allow large ingredient particles to fit into small pores. But carrier oils have bypassed the need for nanotechnology, providing ingredients that are self sufficient in every way.

So why should you get a massage oil and use only massage oils with carrier oils? The reasons should be obvious by now. While other massage oils temper and taint what should be an all around pleasant experience, a massage oil that uses carrier oils will only add to the positive benefit associated with a good massage performed by a talented massage therapist.

In addition, there are benefits you will see long after any massage. The skills of your massage therapist are of no consequence in this capacity. Because carrier oils are packed full of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and good fatty acids, your skin will be soft, smooth, glowing, and otherwise healthy. You can even use the right massage oils in the comfort of your own home on the back, arms, and even face for the best moisturizing and nourishing effect that you could find in generalized skincare. And some may even relax sore muscles, tension, and otherwise in and of themselves.

So in short, if your massage therapist is using a massage oil based on carrier oils, you will feel and see the difference almost immediately. And if you are lucky enough to find a massage therapist providing this extra service, you should also consider buying some for yourself to be used in the comfort of your own home both for at home massages and general skincare and relaxation. The potential benefits of a good massage oil are truly endless and should not be discounted to any degree.

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