Why and How to Use Massage Oils For Best Health Benefits

Why and How to Use Massage Oils For Best Health Benefits

One of the most important elements as far as massage is concerned is the application of a  good massage oil. It should be noted here that a good massage oil does not only help in lubrication but also give that special additional health benefits of penetrating deep tissues and muscles.

One of the main and most important reasons why massage oil is used is that these oils moisturize and lubricate the hands, making it soft, nourishing and of course easy move smoothly over the area of massage. However, these oils have some healing properties which penetrate right deep into the tissues and muscles. Among the very best are; Aloe Vera oil, Apricot oil, and Almond oil. These oils have special properties. While some will act as skin care, others soften and moisturize the skin with so many antibacterial properties.

Most of these oils are applied or used for the healing and relaxing properties. These oils penetrate right deep into tissues and provide relieve, which is one of the vital roles as far as massage is concerned. These oils are inhaled in triggering relaxation and calmness through the nostrils and finally, these oils are absorbed into the skin, thereby healing the body and mind.

In order to leave the massage session feeling relaxed, rested, comfortable and relieve, the essential oils are usually combined by the therapist to increase the healing effects. These oils are combined for the simple reasons that the clients can be suffering from restlessness, lack of sleep or excessive stress. Thus these essential oils are combined to target all these malaise and improve the immune system and rejuvenate damaged muscles.

As a massage therapist, one is mostly confounded about the type of equipment to use in massage. Of course, there is a massage chair or table massage. However, all the two pieces of equipment are actually good and great and have their specific benefits, so the ideal environment and space will show which one is needed to suit your business need.

However, there are some differences between a massage table and chair massage. Portability here is very important. Chairs can easily be move from one place to another; tables are stationary less for the portable tables which often are rare to find. Also, clients receiving table massage are expected to lie, the obvious is the case with a chair massage.

Thus, bending over is not common with a chair massage. Also, chair massage allows the clients to receive massage fully dressed; however some clients are uncomfortable removing their dress during a massage session. This makes chair massage advantageous and quite popular.

Despite the many benefits of chair massage over table massage, table massage due to the fact that your cloth is usually removed and massage oils are used, it helps in relaxing muscles and repair damaged tissues. But this is not the case with chair massage which involves the use of rollers and vibrating motors.

Also, there is the problem on how to disinfect the surface after every client is massaged. With table massage, the surface is usually flat, so it makes it much easier to disinfect. Chairs, on the other hand, have much fractures and folds, so to disinfect it can be daunting tasks.

The services rendered to your clients should be your primary objective, whether using a chair or table massage, massage should be able to relax, relieve and repair tissues and muscles( 3 R).