Massage Tips For Amateurs

Massage Tips For Amateurs

Massage either at the comfort of your home or at a massage parlor is one the most creative ways to relieve pains, relax our muscles and of course provides the right atmosphere for circulation.

In as much as this can be done only by a specialist or trained therapist who apply some techniques and skills to yield the desired results, amateurs or novice can also give some nice and lovely massage to either their partners or friends, with little or no cost but rather helping the person to feel relaxed and relieved. Below you will find some important guidelines that will guide Amateurs on how to give a good massage.


Since you are an amateur and cannot have access to massage items like oils, rub and even some rollers or vibration motor, the most obvious tool here to use is your hand. It is therefore of utmost importance that your hands are in great shape and nails are clean and well arranged, so as to avoid little abrasion.

Make sure your hands are soft and well moisturized. Massage involves the rubbing of the hands and the body, so it would be just great if you apply a bit of oil or gel so that there can move freely and your partner or loved one can actually be relaxed and relieved of the pains.

With your hands in great shape and ready, the first thing you need to do is to provide a favorable environment for the massage exercise to begin. An area environment void of noise, obstacles, and distraction from either children or phone calls should be made so that your massage can begin.

Your hands are in good shape and moisture, your environment is conducive enough, now there are some basic to note while undergoing the message properly. First of all, what you should note is that massage and the body follow certain rhythms. That is the sensitive torch in a particular style will give you the impression or feedback that you are just on track. Touching on the wrong points will fire back wrong impulses. Also, avoiding too much dialogue or conversation during a massage can help in relaxing and relieving your partner. Providing just a good lighting system or the use of candles will help your partner in reducing stress.

It should be noted that when carrying out the act of massage, there are of course some vital and special points which you have to lay emphasis. These special areas include the neck and shoulders and also other parts that your love one or friends want you to massage. To relax and massage these areas or particular points, it is advisable to use both hands and apply pressure with the fingers, targeting the muscles and tissues. The back usually requires that you gently apply pressure while targeting some areas of the back. The legs are stretched and rubbed so as to relax the muscles and tissues.

The above-mentioned tips on how to carry out a good home massage on your partner if followed with care, precision and each step carried out with care, you might just be on the way of becoming a massage therapist and not only will you become good at massage, but also be able to impress your friends or love one with an unforgettable massage.