Prenatal Massage – Various Benefits for the Expectant Mother

Prenatal Massage – Various Benefits for the Expectant Mother

Pregnancy seldom comes with some discomforts like pains and aches. These discomforts are inevitable, so prenatal massages are so very relevant to ease and calm a woman during pregnancy. However, learning some of these techniques to apply on your partner will go a long way to save cost and time.

Pregnancy leads to an increase in weight and of course limits the center of gravity. A good prenatal massage will help improving circulation and other pregnancy-related discomforts like pains and aches will be avoided. Also, prenatal massage improves the mental and psychological well being of the mother. Applying a full-body massage on the head, neck, shoulders or even the feet will provide the necessary relief and calmness. Various benefits of pregnancy massage therapy include;

Firstly, the physical exercise, as well as the emotional aspect of massages, helps in relieving stress, making her feel a sense of calmness especially during this period of pregnancy. These also help in improving digestion, circulation, and pain is also relieved and other discomforts like swollen feet, hands and of course pains in the joints is highly curtailed.

Furthermore, pregnancy often comes with insomnia and fatigue. But with a good prenatal massage all these are avoided.

Thirdly, during prenatal massage therapy, hormones like cortisol hormone are released into the blood stream. This hormone reduces stress, thereby avoiding some birth complications. Also, digestion is highly improved due to the systematic stretching of the muscles and tissues.

All in all, prenatal massage therapy is very essential for women who are about to give birth, but this, however, should be carried out with the help of the doctor’s concern, so as to ensure the safety of both the baby and the mother. So short massage therapy sessions are highly desirable.