The Power of Shiatsu Massage

The Power of Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu is a Japanese word which when translated into English simply means “finger pressure”. Shiatsu has been used for centuries by countries like Japan and China and is also part and parcel of Chinese Medicine. Recently, this form of massage has been mostly been predisposed by Western culture.

What then is Shiatsu? This is simply the method whereby the practitioners apply their fingers, thumb, palm and elbows pressure to certain areas body, targeting specific pressure points. This, of course, helps the body to heal and restore sure balance.

Shiatsu massage involves the use techniques which can be divided into three categories. These various categories include the following;

Firstly, there is the technique of Tonification. This method requires the practitioner to apply pressure to a specific area of the body, thus increasing the circulation of blood and energy in that area of the body.

Secondly, there is the Dispersal technique which relates to the act of rocking, shaking, circling and squeezing of certain body parts in order to ease blood flow and also to release blocked energy vessels.

Finally, there is the Calming technique which relates to the holding in certain areas of the body which relax the body and calms the tense energy.

The technique of Shiatsu has enormous benefits. These benefits include; a release of toxins in the body through the dispersal technique. This method help in the release and the dispersal of toxins; Also, intense pressure on specific area or parts of the body helps to relax deep muscle and tissue. This can be achieved through the tonification; Also, Shiatsu technique helps in the relaxation of the muscles and also the flexibility of the body.

This further leads to a reduction in stress. Shiatsu massage focus on both the body and the mind and causes it to be calm and relax; Moreover, due to the application of Shiatsu technique, there is increase in the circulation of blood. Thus reducing blood pressure because the stress level is low, spiritual as well as mental awareness is also obtained from the use of the Shiatsu technique.

Shiatsu massage can be quiet lengthy and requires multiple sessions in order to obtain the desired responds, but for sure it thus reduces stress. However, there are of recent many Shiatsu home massage places in the UK, which help to relax the body and enhanced proper body function.

These Shiatsu Massage Seats are so much in the UK, thus making it a daunting task on the choices to be made in terms of choosing a nice Shiatsu Massage Seat. So a right precision and timely choosing of a Shiatsu seat is of great importance.