5 Questions You Should Ask a Massage Therapist Before Booking an Appointment

5 Questions You Should Ask a Massage Therapist Before Booking an Appointment


Due to the increased level of stress, pains in the joints and muscles; massage has become the most effective means than conventional medicine in treating some of these discomforts. This, however, can be seen with the increasing number of massage clubs or centers.

The increasing numbers of massage centers, however, give room for many fake or unprofessional therapists to spring up, thereby making the choosing of a center or therapist a daunting task. Here are some important questions to ask before booking an appointment with a therapist;

The first question that you should ask is what types of massage that therapist is specialized on? It should be recalled here that there are almost 40 different types or techniques of massage with varied healing properties. If the therapist should choose to specialize on deep tissue massage or maybe sports massage, whereas what you desire is simply to help relax and relieve pains. So you cannot attend such a massage session. It will not be quite useful to drink medication for a headache, where as you are suffering from stomach ache. Posing this particular question will help you determine if the therapist is just right for you.

Secondly, another vital question should be what type of training or certificates does the therapist have? A well-trained therapist will apply every necessary technique and follow all the procedures to the latter. Most massage schools today are interested in money rather than providing the right training skills. Also, massage therapist should be licensed under important agencies and boards that require that all certificates requirements are followed sincerity.

Also, worth noting is the fact that if there are any referrals or testimonials? You need to look out for people can in one way or the other give good testimonies about how that particular therapist is good in a special way like no other therapist. Testimonies should be found on the websites. If you can be able to find something of these sorts, then surely the therapist is good. A good massage therapist should have an e-mail address which you can refer and check some of the qualities of your therapies.

Furthermore, a massage therapist should be able to provide the necessary relief needed. The massage therapist should be able to guide you towards achieving the health and relieve benefits. A good massage therapy should help in relaxing and manipulating soft tissues, so as to decrease the level of stress in you.

Finally, knowing just how long the therapist has been practicing is very important as far as choosing a massage therapist is concerned. A therapist who has been practicing for more than four years shows some level of dedication and devotion. Spending much time on carrying out massage sessions will not only mean that you are skilled, but also that you have gathered the necessary experience to provide the right relief. Practicing for more than 10 years, means the therapist has been attending refresher courses and seminars, this therefore helps the therapist to stay on top.

To this effect, the many questions that have been posed will help you in hiring just the right therapist to provide you with the massage that will relax, relieve and repair damaged tissues and muscles. So make it a duty today to always ask the right question and of course choose a highly qualified therapist for your massage sessions.